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Yan's too sexy for deviantArt!
Leo and Yan//Don't let me go
Yeah, I got a policy violation note and one of my pictures of Yan was taken down. I cannot figure WHY, I mean this isn't even an overly sexual image. He's covered!!!!

Behind the cut is TEH BANNED IMAGE!

I am seriously considering putting "TOO SEXY FOR DA" across his undie/hand section and resubmitting it. XD
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this is one of my favorite pictures of boo on dA for taking it down. I still say you should put the "too sexy for dA" on it

What, so naked people are ok, but clothed DOLLS putting their hands near their genitals are not?

*shakes head*

That's dA for you. Absurd censorship and biased decisions in regards to plagarism. Drives me batty.

one of my dolly comparison photos got taken down off of photobucket recently. There were all kinds of pictures to choose from...The peen comparison, the ass comparison...the whole slew of nekkid side by side comparisons..and you know which one they took down? The SHOULDER comparison. Yes..thats right. Shoulders. Those taboo disgusting doll necks *mock horror* there was no ass-age doll peen...just neck, shoulders, hair, and blurred feets in the stupid is that?? x_x I cant stand DA anymore though....They keep improving things so everything is broken...That and nobody really submits ART...Its become a giant myspace scrapbook for chrissakes. Im sorry they were asshats and took your picture though.

*looks up* whee..block-o-text! Have fun with that~ *runs off*

and btw..while im at it..Imma add you to this LJ too so i can officially be a stalker fanclub thingy whatchacallit. (this is captive_souls on her home land personal LJ ^__^)

i just got "NIPA"d on Flickr for dolly buttcrack. you can TELL it's a doll, elbow joints, two waist joints, knee joints are totally visible - but you know, loose resin buttcrack might harm tight minds. i weep.
NIPA= Not In Public Areas, all my stuff is currently unsearchable etc. -all- of it. until you fix the offending image and wait 3 days for benediction from on high. WHEE. i wish they'd just nuke single images..

Aaahahahah "...loose resin buttcrack might harm tight minds."


I saw this pic on dA before but only noticed a little something on Yan...


Yes, please put "TOO SEXY FOR dA". :]

XD It is... sorta. It's a belly jewel I guess but that's pretty much the closest he can come to a navel ring. He's had it for a while but so far it hasn't really been seen much.

FTW? The blasphemy photo was much worse than this one... seeing as how you could see the top of his stuffs. o.O DA's on crack, I think. Often. And yeah, too sexy for DA is just funny. I'd so do it and resubmit.

I'm gonna but since I've gained a little attention for it I'm going to wait. I don't want to get smited for intentionally pissing off a mod, I know it happens.

Yeah, the powers that be are unfriendly when smited 9_9

I put smited but meant to say pissed. I think I just like the word smite.

Hats off to Yan for being too sexy for the man!

yeah, you should put it on one of those black censor strips like a warning label, and possibly mark it as "mature" for giggles XD

dA staff can be teh lame at times. no worries.
that idea sounds too brilliant for dA, i say give it a go. XD

The pic is wonderful and very sexy; I adore it!
I'm a member in two doll phorums and both of them have a special section called "X Gallery", where you can post freely all kind of pervy or sugerent pics. Unfortunatelly, these phorums are in Spanish only.
I don't know why they don't do the same in DoA.

I was all confused last week when one of my customers asked me to repeat my Paypal address because her payment was coming back as a non-exhistant account.
Seems DoA decided to ban the word "bitch" and now everytime I PM a customer with my Payment info, I have to break up my email address to beat the sensors.

Oi. Since when is bitch a naughty word anymore anyway? It's on prime time television nightly!

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