Denizens of the Onnawaffle Compound

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Kitten//unusual innocence

I'm packing up my things and moving to onnawufei, combining my doll journal and "regular" journal. I just didn't see the point in continuing to pay for this when the other journal is a permanent account. So feel free to friend me over there if you haven't already! :D

And doesn't Kitten look like such a hooker here? XD

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He sure does :DDD

but a very cute hooker~

added you over there ^_^

What is the font you used there?

Hes not a hooker, hes a Rentboy!
Seriously, he does look a little like hes Soliciting some Sex, but hes the Custest. I like his tattoo.
And Can I visit your new journal?
And continue readin about the Denizens of your Compound?

hey its crittle! remember this lj i made for kana and lil dean waaaaaay back when? lol i've done some repairing and so on, and things are actually active again! visit to see my plans for kana's new back story...and i shall add your onna lj if you return the favor! :D love ya!

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