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Picspam and stuff
I'm planning Christmas pictures soon. ^^ Cutesy ones and then... Yan ones, which of course you can imagine will be less cutesy and more "sex now plz?" XD Also, Tycho got his "he capris" and they're so damn cute. *L* Now if only he'd get shoes, I swear Mir's feet must be bigger b/c his shoes look vaguely like they belong in a Kingdom Hearts cosplay when Tycho wears them.

And yes, picspam. The pictures are technically of the necklaces I've been making but they're newer pictures and I actually just like the way they look so yeah, feel free to ignore the necklaces if you're so inclined.

Tycho, Key and one of YanCollapse )

I think Donovan is mad at me for not giving him enough attention. All his pictures have turned out blurry lately!

[Edit] YAY someone actually used Buy it Now on one of my necklaces. This makes me giddy like a schoolgirl.

A Little Lie Part Two of Three
Kitten//unusual innocence
Part two is totally from Mir's POV.

My name is Mir Gabriel and I'm... a liar.

...Collapse )

A Little Lie (repost) Part One of Three
Kitten//unusual innocence
Okay, I'm posting this photostory in seperate pictures so if you couldn't see it last time or didn't want to look at it in one big image here you go. I've got parts two and three finished already so those will be posted soonish.

Tycho: *watches the rain*

Enter KeyCollapse )

Tycho's arrival story
Key//ninja Key
Yeah this is totally out of order but I did Tycho's arrival story yesterday. It's sorta... lame but oh well. You see Yan's panties!

Yan: Hey, I think someone's outside.

The whole gang's in this one!Collapse )

Tycho the panty raider...
Kitten//unusual innocence
I got two of Tycho's wigs today and for the moment he has brown hair, at least until his Bittenbefore wig gets here. We'll see if that one looks good or not. And now, a photostory! He's already started making trouble...

Enter Tycho...Collapse )

Naomi belongs to hellsing365 by the way. ^^

Mr. Attitude
Kitten//unusual innocence

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Leo?

La la la. I have no life. :D
Key//ninja Key
I'm getting kinda repetitive with these, and odds are no one will buy them but oh well. I mean I'm getting loads of interest from people on dA but mostly from those who don't have dolls. *L* I apparently need to learn to make bracelets or human size necklaces something. (Which wouldn't be too hard I suppose.)

Aaaaaaaanyway, the point is I'm having fun, right? Right! And I am having fun, so nyah!

Pink skullCollapse )

[Edit] Y'know it makes me feel really good when people favorite my NaNoWriMo posts on dA but I wish they'd freakin' comment as well. I've definitely become one of those people who value comments over just favoriting something. My last update involved a shower scene with Yan and Jeremy though, so I guess I didn't do a completely shit job at it. XD


I hope twilight_eden doesn't mind but I posted before and after pictures of Tycho's faceup on dA. SO MUCH LOVE! I totally owe her my first born.

And more Onnawaffle stuff...

Aww, he doesn't look traumatized. :)

One moreCollapse )

More photostory goodness.
Okay so I've been updating my photostories on dA and I guess this is for the people who are checking them out but don't normally watch dA so they haven't seen the latest installment. Yesterday I did a 28 pic photostory so on dA I broke it up into two parts. I'm going to post them here but they're in two PNG files so they're really big images. I'll include a brief summary of what has happened up until now if anyone is just too lazy to check out dA. *L* It's okay, I understand completely.

Obligatory teaser image

Relax parts 1 and 2Collapse )

So proud. *L*
Kitten//unusual innocence



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