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Picspam and stuff
I'm planning Christmas pictures soon. ^^ Cutesy ones and then... Yan ones, which of course you can imagine will be less cutesy and more "sex now plz?" XD Also, Tycho got his "he capris" and they're so damn cute. *L* Now if only he'd get shoes, I swear Mir's feet must be bigger b/c his shoes look vaguely like they belong in a Kingdom Hearts cosplay when Tycho wears them.

And yes, picspam. The pictures are technically of the necklaces I've been making but they're newer pictures and I actually just like the way they look so yeah, feel free to ignore the necklaces if you're so inclined.

*L* Poor thing... but at least he looks happier wearing it than Mir would have.


On a random note: I think Yan's head stretched out Donovan's short straight wig. XD

*stare x 2* These things were hard as hell to photograph.

Okay so this one obviously is of the necklace but for some reason I really like it. I'm also thinking of making myself a necklace though it'd probably be closer to the pink one Tycho was wearing.

^ That's a link... just in case ^

I think Donovan is mad at me for not giving him enough attention. All his pictures have turned out blurry lately!

[Edit] YAY someone actually used Buy it Now on one of my necklaces. This makes me giddy like a schoolgirl.

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I'm so in love with the spikey ball one. I love spikey balls (*giggle* WOW..I really need to get my mind out of the gutter XD)

oh and YAY FOR YOU!!!! I figured those BIN would come in handy ^^

Those are cool funky necklaces! Congrats on the sale :D And Tycho is just *soo cute* <3 MNF Shiwoo = *love* XD

My goodness where do you get those spikey ball thingies! XD They're amazing! I've been into beading for a few years, and those are probably the coolest I've seen....

I'm fighting the urge to order stuff from there because your order has to be $25 or more. That can be difficult when ordering beads! *L* Though that's how I ended up getting the spikey balls in the first place.

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