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A message from Yan
Kitten//unusual innocence
A special (and PG) message from Yan underneath the cut. ^^


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Ohhhh, that is a GORGEOUS photo!!! <3

*glee* Thank you! Though I really owe it all to Photoshop 'cause the original was way too dark.

May I ask where you found the holiday brushes?


And dude, they're talking about putting this fat old guy that works here in speedos. My brain is traumatized.

It is so so beautiful!! I adore Yan!! <3


I have so much fun with Yan. Some of the pictures I took last night are pretty PG but others... closer to the PG-13 side. *L* He's such a little ho.

You mean Ho Ho Ho. XD

And I left a pic for you on your dee o dee thread. :D

Originally it said "ho ho ho" at the bottom, but I have pictures better suited for that title. XD And that's not counting the one with the candy cane between his legs.

oh wow!!! What a beautiful photo! Where'd you get that little santa hat for him? He's really a beautiful boy <3

It's one of the Friends 2B Made hats. I got four of them for $3 each... then totally forgot one of my bigger boys is Jewish. XD OOPS.

LMAO!! Too funny, but the hat is seriously cute!

I see he's wearing Leo's shirt and armwarmers XD

Yup. If he's not wearing Leo's pants he's wearing his shirt! XD He was originally wearing his stockings too but they just didn't really stand out enough.

Merry Christmas to Yan, too!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is fanTAStic. I actually saved that one...hope you don't mind...I won't ever use it anywhere, just look at it once in a while ^_^ I love beautiful dolls!

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