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Hats at Walmart
Kitten//unusual innocence
I've been posting this all over the place because it needs to be seen! XD

I went to Walmart and found a whole bunch of stuffed critters in the Christmas section that I could remove the accessories from for $3 each. Considering my Friends 2B Made Santa hats were $3 each alone, the fact that some of these come with scarves is a total bonus!

Hat with ear flaps. The sweater comes off too but I know it'll be small on a mini, I just haven't tried it to see how small yet.

Beanie and scarf.

Yan with the same set.

The original bear I got my hat from. They also come in bright blue, bright pink and bright green. The bear was originally holding the heart but I'd already removed that by the time I took this picture.

I think this is my favorite of the new stuff. Peppermint hat and scarf from a snowman!!!

Almost all of these come in different varieties too. :D Only $3 each! (But I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these stuffed animals now. XD)

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Oh wow! Thank you for posting the animals too! Now I know what I'm looking for! I'm so going to Wally World!!

You could always donate the animals to Toys for Tots.

Those hats are too cute. I love the peppermint hat/hat and the one with earflaps. ^^ I might have to drag myself into Walmart for these. Maybe.

w00t!! There's a WalMart right where I work, guess what I'm doing on my lunch break!! *grins*

Oh God please put Cain in one of those hats!! XDXD

LMAO! You read my mind! I just got back and I got a little stuffed dog that sings and the hat is *perfect*
Oh this is going to be so much wicked fun!! XD

OMG between the mental pictures of Cain and that icon there my day has been made! :D

OO I second gekkou_hana's idea. Toys for tots. and YAY Canadia hat! Yan looks so adorable in that..SO ADORABLE.

And if my friend was here...she'd be freaking over the penguin..

(yet another..)..AND...I want that peppermint hat/scarf set for Angel...srsly.

The stuffed animal's accessories look good on your boys <3

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