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Hats at Walmart
Kitten//unusual innocence
I've been posting this all over the place because it needs to be seen! XD

I went to Walmart and found a whole bunch of stuffed critters in the Christmas section that I could remove the accessories from for $3 each. Considering my Friends 2B Made Santa hats were $3 each alone, the fact that some of these come with scarves is a total bonus!

Hat with ear flaps. The sweater comes off too but I know it'll be small on a mini, I just haven't tried it to see how small yet.

Beanie and scarf.

Yan with the same set.

The original bear I got my hat from. They also come in bright blue, bright pink and bright green. The bear was originally holding the heart but I'd already removed that by the time I took this picture.

I think this is my favorite of the new stuff. Peppermint hat and scarf from a snowman!!!

Almost all of these come in different varieties too. :D Only $3 each! (But I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these stuffed animals now. XD)

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