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About the dA image
Leo and Yan//Don't let me go
Apparently implied masturbation is a no no on dA. Okay fine, whatever but wouldn't it make a little more sense if they included that in their form letter or (gasp) send a note actually saying why the stuff was deleted? They're already spending the time to delete an image!

Anyway, I will most likely resubmit it with the "too sexy for dA" thing over his general panties/hand area but I'm going to wait because since my journal got so many responses it ended up in the popular journals for yesterday. People I don't even know were responding. XD According to dA I've already got 918 pageviews for today and somehow I doubt that has anything to do with my photos.

On a totally different note, HEE I got the hats I ordered as Yan's gifts yesterday. He got a pink bunny one for himself, blue bunny one and a scar for Leo and a blue bear one for Rye. <3 I also got the mini ceramic Looney Tunes mugs I ordered. I'll probably bring some of those to Animazement to see if my friends want extras since I don't want to try to bother selling them on DoA 'cause shipping would suck.

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I love it. I love how implied masturbation is a NYET, but outright sex is a DA. Oh, fuck dA, haha.

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