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Tycho the bumblebee boy
Kitten//unusual innocence
Ryan's mom knows I love bees and she really does try to get me good gifts but this year for Christmas she got me the most hideous porcelin doll in a bee suit. Porcelin dolls scare me (ironic really) but I realized I could use the bee suit...

If Tycho could kill me in my sleep he would.

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Don't let that shiwoo smirk fool you....he's PISSED. You can so see it in his eyes. Man but the heart hands were perfect for this shot. You have to upload this to dA


That is just entirely too perfect XD

Oh geez...I have apiphobia! But he's pretty cute in that outfit...^_^

OH man you are right, just so gotta giggle.

Holy.....I love how poofy it is around the waist. Like a little sugar plum fairy bee thing. Awesome.

Impossible to be cuter!

Cutest thing ever XDD And the fact that he hates it makes it even better ^___^

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