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Name: Kioshi Akino "Key"
Age: 19
Faceup: by Luts
Role: The motherly one, head of household
Personality: Not overly serious, but not overly silly. He's the boy next door, the resonsible sweet guy who won't hesitate to tell you to shut the hell up if you go too far.
Relationships: Donovan is his boyfriend. Inari is his adopted daughter.
Background: Where exactly Key came from is anyone's guess. It is known that the elders were very strict and emphasised learning to fight for the men and marrying young for the women. Key and his sister Mika had no desire to do any of these things and only wanted to spend time with each other, something that the elders took notice of. In an attempt to focus Key's young mind they sold Mika to a traveling merchant and he hasn't heard from his sister since. Though he doesn't want to admit it he has been slowly losing hope of ever seeing his sister again.
Other: Key is a "wannabe ninja". XD

Name: Donovan Niccals
Age: unknown (physically 17, estimated around four or five hundred years old)
Faceup: by yuki_no_ningyou (based on Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance)
Role: The protector.
Personality: A goofball romantic. He's hyper, silly and sarcastic but when he gets angry he loses his head quite easily.
Relationships: Key is his boyfriend. Inari is his daughter (with a former lover). Leo is his twin brother.
Background: When he was seventeen he and his brother Leo were turned into vampires by what they thought was a homeless man looking for some change. Many years later Leo decided to look for a "cure" and was left human but with a dying body. In an attempt to save his brother's "life" Donovan attempted to turn him back into a vampire and in the process ended up ingesting some of his blood. He is now what he considers "not a very good vampire". As far as anyone knows Niccals is his chosen last name, not his birth name. He is also Jewish though he holds on to the religion as more of a reminder of his humanity than anything else. Plus he thinks Hannukah is really cool.
Other: Donovan's last name is taken from Murdoc Niccals of the Gorillaz.

Name: Leo
Age: unknown (physically 17, estimated around four or five hundred years old)
Faceup: by yuki_no_ningyou
Role: The fatherly one, particularly towards the kids.
Personality: He's quiet and calm, Donovan's almost exact opposite. He does share his brother's temper though and though it takes a lot to anger him when he's mad it's best to be careful.
Relationships: Donovan is his twin brother. He is in a sexual relationship with Yan. Kishi (CP Dreaming Moon owned by Kris) is his boyfriend.
Background: [see Donovan's profile] For fifty years Leo was left as just a head which annoys him to no end. His pride was not suited for relying on his brother's care and he is very glad to have his own body now. Leo never chose a new last name and has long since forgotten his birth name. Unlike his brother he has abandoned any religion and simply believes that if there is a God it hates him.
Other: Leo has telepathic and telekinetic abilities that he has slowly been developing over the years. He also has no body heat beyond what the air gives him.

Name: Mir Gabriel
Age: 12 (physically 15 but emotionally/mentally 12)
Faceup: default by BlueFairy
Role: The skittish innocent.
Personality: Mir is a little shy and full of childlike wonder, though he is also very nervous. Sometimes he seems rather naive even for his age.
Relationships: He is Tycho's half brother. Kana (Kid Delf Elf Ani owned by ebonystarfire) is his girlfriend though they have never met.
Background: When Mir was little his mom abandoned him and Tycho, leaving them in the care of their half sister Janna. (All three had different dads.) Janna hated Mir and would torment and beat him, despite Tycho trying his hardest to protect him. When he was nine it became apparent that while he was still aging physically his emotional/mental age wasn't catching up. Finally Tycho called 911 while Janna was beating Mir one day and the two boys were put into seperate foster homes and Janna was arrested. Mir ran away from his and was found by Donovan, who brought him here and Tycho ran from his once he found out Mir had left. Mir is 15 but he identifies as 12.
Other: Mir has a small scar on his nose from where he facefaulted on the pavement just hours after I got him. He is named after Amir Derakh from the band Orgy and Gabe from Penny Arcade.

Name: Yan Truant
Age: 22
Faceup: by twilight_eden
Role: The flirt.
Personality: Flamboyantly gay, Yan is the perfect party girl... just without that whole "girl" thing. His flirty behavior puts Donovan's to shame and he has a certain way of enchanting people into giving them what he wants. Underneath it all though he is a very sweet guy who just likes to put on a big show.
Relationships: He is in a sexual relationship with Leo. Rye (CP Elf Yder vamp belonging to Kris) is his boyfriend. Jordi (CP Juri '06 belonging to angiechan070707 is his boyfriend).
Background: Yan was a wreckless party boy who finally decided to straighten up after nearly being beaten to death by a group of men outside a club. He eventually gave up his life of parties and random sexual encounters in favor of a more stable home life... sorta.
Other: Yan is the subject of my NaNoWriMo novel which can be found at my deviantArt account onnawufei.deviantart.com. His name is pronounced "Yawn True-awnt" and he is named after Jan Valentine from Hellsing and Johnny Truant from House of Leaves.

Name: Tycho Hailey
Age: 14
Faceup: by twilight_eden
Role: The trouble maker.
Personality: A troublemaker with a heart of gold who loves to play pranks on people. He's very protective over Mir who despite being a year older he sees as his little brother. Tycho loves video games and is computer savvy though he leaves most of the hacking and such to his friends.
Relationships: Mir's half brother.
Background: After being sent to live with a foster family Tycho was pretty happy despite missing his brother. When he found out through some online friends that Mir had run away he set out to find him.
Other: His name is pronounced "Tie-ko" and he is named after both Tycho from Penny Arcade and Paige Hailey from Orgy.

Name: Kitten
Age: 17
Faceup: by twilight_eden
Role: The sweet one.
Personality: Despite being a very sexual creature Kitten has managed to maintain a fairly innocent and naive personality. He is ridiculously sweet and wants nothing more than for people to be happy.
Relationships: He was raised by Kishi (CP Dreaming Moon owned by Kris) and refers to him as his "Oniichan".
Background: Kitten's first memory is his mother dropping him off at a Kabuki style theater when he was a small child. The theater's owner took him in and left him in the care of who Kitten later started to call his "Oniichan" who took care of him even though he was only two years older. Growing up at the theater he came to view sex as just another form of entertainment and became a prostitute at 14. His "gimick" was that he was the perfect pet, silent and obediant. Eventually after his Oniichan left for America Kitten came as well.
Other: ...

Name: Inari Niccals
Age: 7
Faceup: Bambicrony basic
Role: The baby of the family
Personality: Sweet, curious and spunky. She thinks Tycho is the coolest thing in the world which worries Key but Donovan finds rather amusing.
Relationships: Donovan is her father (with a past lover). Key is her adopted father.
Background: Inari is the product of a one night stand between Donovan and a rebellious vampire hunter. Not much more is known about her however.
Other: ???

[picture coming soon]
Name: Varekai Valentine
Age: ??
Faceup: by twilight_eden (coming soon)
Role: ???
Personality: ???
Relationships: ???
Background: ???
Other: Varekai is named after my favorite Cirque du Soleil show, and Jan Valentine from Hellsing. His personality is loosely based on a mix of Jan and Alucard (both from Hellsing).

Name: zim
Age: 25
Faceup: my sleep deprivation
Role: the buyer of stuff
Personality: Goofy, silly, strange, but really damn pissy when she's angry... or just PMSing.
Relationships: Lives with her boyfriend (Ryan) and two cats (Gambit and Gadget).
Background: zim is a requirements analyst who spends entirely too much time online either RPing or... whatever else that she does.
Other: Her kanji tattoo says "onna" which means "woman". It's far from a female empowerment thing, onnawufei is her screenname almost everywhere so half the people who know her just call her Onna. And yes the Leonardo one is real too.

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